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Six-Month Smiles

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What Are 6-Month Smiles Short Term Orthodontic Treatment?

6-Month Smiles, which is also known as short-term orthodontic treatment, goals are to give our patients a new beautiful smile. Six-Month Smiles treatment can accomplish most dental issues, but not all like traditional braces can treat.

Where most adults are unwilling to undergo traditional orthodontics treatment, The 6-Month Smiles is the next solution to treat adult patients with a clear braces system that provide teeth straightening services.

How does the Six-Month Smiles System work?

The technology that is used for Six-Month Smiles includes unique wires and brackets. The Lucid-Lock brackets and wires are award-winning products used for the Six-Month Smiles. The Lucid-Lock allows for a shorted orthopedic treatment and goals are to straighten your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile it up to six months.

What makes the 6-Month Smiles treatment unique and so innovative is because:

• The average treatment time is ONLY 6 MONTHS
• The Award Winning Lucid-Lok® brackets and wires are clear and tooth-colored that are hardly noticeable.
• Using braces and wire to straighten teeth has been shown to provide traditional and predictable results.
• The Six-Month Smiles Tray Kits™ make your appointments fast and convenient.
• The short low forced orthodontic treatment increase comfort, safety, and hygiene.
• Less expensive than traditional braces, Invisalign, or veneers.


Is Six Month Smiles Right for Me?

The 6-Month Smiles teeth straightening process could be the right treatment for you if
• You want to be more confident and have a life-changing, straight smile
• You want or need to have straighter teeth quickly
• You don’t want to wear braces
• You don’t want to experience the sore feeling braces can give you when tightened, the Six-Month Smiles process uses a gentle force to straighten your teeth

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Find out if you're a Six Month Smiles Candidate!

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