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3528 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Brookhaven, GA.

Brookhaven Dentist

Brookhaven Dentist Dr. Shelly Mixson

If you’ve been searching for a Brookhaven dentist with credentials and experience that will put you at ease in the dentist’s chair, it’s time to peruse the many offerings available at the dental practice of Dr. Shelly Mixson.

Dr. Mixson and her team of professionals at Gentle Smiles Dental offer a huge variety of both cosmetic and restorative procedures for the patient whose smile needs a little TLC.

She takes time to consult with each patient regarding his or her dental health and provides easy-to-understand details on how she will address the problems the patient is facing.

At Dr. Mixson’s Brookhaven office, the following products and services are available:

Restorative treatments

  • Fillings/replacement of old fillings
  • Dentures, including immediate dentures, implant retained dentures, and partial dentures
  • Bridges, which prevent teeth from shifting, improve alignment, and support lips and cheeks
  • Dental implants, a metal post or frame that can prevent teeth from shifting into empty spaces and can solve numerous other problems as well
  • Crowns, which are fixed prosthetic devices that can restore damaged teeth and improve one’s appearance
  • Tooth extractions, which are sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. Of course, “gentle” extraction techniques are used at Gentle Smiles Dental!

Cosmetic treatments

  • Bonding, a quick and inexpensive way to approve the appearance of a tooth. Completed in just one visit!
  • Porcelain veneers, a popular and permanent way to achieve that “Hollywood smile” using thin shells of ceramic that are attached to the front surfaces of the teeth.
  • Inlays and onlays, which can strengthen a tooth when the damage is not extensive enough for a crown
  • Teeth whitening procedures, which provide a better and longer-lasting result than those at-home, over-the-counter whitening options
  • Clear braces, popular with adults who don’t want their orthodontic appliances to show and ideal to fix a variety of alignment problems

Not sure what’s next in your dental journey? Uncertain about the cost of these and other dental procedures? Take a moment to make a call to Gentle Smiles Dental Practice and schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Mixson about your concerts.

Also schedule time to speak to a member of our staff about how we can make your dental visits affordable, relieving much of the stress associated with taking advantage of the restorative and cosmetic procedures Dr. Mixson offers to Brookhaven-area patients who want to improve their oral health.

Brookhaven Dentist