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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges Atlanta

Dental Bridges Brookhaven GAThere have long been a number of wonderful options available to make teeth look better and to make mouths healthier. The use of dental “bridges” in restorative dentistry have been an option for quite some time and the bridge is still the solution of choice for a number of dental problems.

A dental bridge is exactly as you might suspect from its name. It’s a prosthetic device that can help you “bridge” any gaps between your teeth. Dental bridges are cemented to your existing natural teeth or to implants that surround the space where the missing tooth or teeth were once located. Some bridges are permanent while others can be removed.

When appropriate, Gentle Smiles Dental suggests the insertion of bridges for a number of reasons.

  • To prevent remaining teeth from shifting
  • To support lips and cheeks and prevent facial “sinking”
  • To improve alignment and bite
  • To assist in eating more comfortably
  • To prevent speech disorders caused by missing teeth

Types of dental bridges

There are several types of bridges that can be recommended by Dr. Mixson after she assesses the patient’s situation:

  • Traditional – This is the most often recommended type of bridge. It includes one or more fake teeth held in place by dental crowns or “abutments”, cemented onto the natural teeth that are adjacent to your missing teeth. These are best used when the patient has natural teeth on either side of the gap.
  • Cantilevered – This bridge is similar to a traditional bridge but is only held in place on one side rather than both. This allows for a bridge to be used even if there’s only a natural tooth on one side of the gap.
  • Maryland – This bridge is considered a conservative alternative to the traditional bridge. It is held in place by a metal or porcelain framework rather than by crowns placed on the adjacent natural teeth. This means those teeth don’t need to be prepared (filed) for crown placement. The caveat is that this type of bridge is less likely to stay in place and sometimes gets in the way of the patient’s bite.
  • Implant-supported – These bridges are as suggested by their name – they are supported by dental implants rather than by natural teeth/crowns or framework. They remain very secure and are comfortable for the wearer.

Inserting dental bridges

Dr. Mixson and her team of experts at Gentle Smiles Dental Atlanta will take their time to determine the right bridge appliance for you and to explain how the procedure of inserting the bridge works. You will likely need to visit the office for a few different appointments before your bridge is in place.

Once completed, the staff at Gentle Smiles Dental will show you how to care for it and for the teeth that surround it, including when to visit the dentist for periodic check-ups.

For more information on bridges and other restorative and cosmetic dental procedures and to discuss affordable payment options, call the office and talk to one of the helpful members of our staff.